33 Things I Want To Do While Living In New York

It feels strange to think that exactly this time last year, I was writing this very same post about moving to London. I wanted to make a sort of 'bucket list' before moving to the Big Smoke, so that I always had something to do and so that I remembered all the great things I had been looking forward to. The list served me very well in my first year living in London, so I thought I'd write a new one for my four months living in the Big Apple! You might notice that a few of the 'big ones' such as the Empire State aren't on my list - that's because I did many of them on my first visit to New York City last summer. That's not to say that I won't be doing them again this time, but I thought I'd save my list mostly for new adventures! So with less than a week to go before I fly away from England, here's what's going to keep me busy until Christmas...

My BIG News: New York, New York

I have some pretty big news to finally spill in this post. It's been in the making for a while now but it hasn't felt like the right time to blog about it since I wanted it to be 100% official before announcing it here (I feel a bit self obsessed using the word "announcing" by the way). But now my flights are booked, I have accommodation and my visa has been approved, I have come to realise that this is actually happening. So, here goes... I'm going to live in New York City!

Burano Island: A Sanctuary Away From Venice

Who doesn't love Venice, right? Perfectly Pinterest-able canals, gondoliers and venetian masks see the floating city pull in 27 million tourists annually - not bad for a city with only 60,000 local residents! Venice has been described as an outdoor museum, since almost everything you see around has some kind of historical, artistic or cultural value. It's no wonder so many people flock to beautiful Venice. But what if you want to get away from the crowds of cruise ship visitors? If you prefer something a little more secluded and untouched, I may have just the thing.

How I Spent My One Day In Milan

I have just returned from my holiday in Italy with my boyfriend, and I had such an amazing trip! If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that we stayed mainly at the southern end of Lake Garda, while making day trips to the surrounding areas - and one of these was a whistle stop tour of Milan! I was so looking forward to going to Milan for the first time, as I always fall head over heels in love with Italian cities. Here's what I got up to in the fashion capital...

London Pop-Up: The Magnum Pleasure Store

So, it's been a while hasn't it? I can't really think of just one reason why I haven't been blogging recently, it's more of a combination of things. I'm still working away trying to wrap up my first year of uni while enjoying my last few weeks in London for a little while. I just seem to have been super busy, along with the fact that no ideas I had for my blog felt good enough. I haven't even been reading too many blogs recently either which is so unlike me!

Anyway, today I've decided to just jump right back into it again and what better way to do that than with a food related post, amirite? This is one for any Londoners, visitors of London or ice cream lovers! Magnum are back with their 'Pleasure Store' pop-up this summer, this time located on South Molton Street, close to Bond Street. I moved to London last September, just as Magnum were shutting the doors on their 2015 pop-up in Covent Garden, so I was more than a little bit excited to hear they were opening up again this summer.

My #The100DayProject Picks

My #The100DayProject Picks

For those brave enough to take on #The100DayProject, a third of the challenge is now complete! We're quickly closing in on day 40 and so today I thought I would share the projects that I'm really enjoying following. If you don't know what the 100 day project is, it's basically a creative challenge where an action is repeated every day for 100 days, with the results being shared on Instagram. I really admire everybody I'm about to mention, along with anyone that's keeping up with this demanding challenge!